Just wanted to let you guys know of a bad experience and some BS that Hostgator has done now in hopes that it helps any of you to not make the same mistake.
Hostgator does not provide Fantastico software anymore. Push button wordpress installs and other scripts are not available any more. If you want fantastico on your server you now have to pay for it. Yes, it is easy to install them yourself but so much faster to use Fantastico.
My situation-
I have a couple VPS accounts that have fantastico on them already as HG has provided it for free for years now. I had an issue with a hostname on one of my accounts and contacted HG live chat support to fix the issue. The lazy chat tech did not want to do all the work involved so he said that it would be faster and easier to fix by just starting a new account and requesting HG to transfer my sites for me (would take a long time for me to do myself with so many sites) so it didn't "inconvenience me". lol, funny stuff because it made for a lot of work for and now this BS. Now that I have changed over all of my sites, MYSELF (another story, sadly), I noticed Fantastico was not there. So I contacted HG AGAIN and they said I have to send them my Fantastico license info and they would put it on there. NOW you have to pay for Fantastico and if you have VPS it can be pricy.
So I just wanted to let you guys know that if you go to buy a hosting plan shop around and see if any others still provide this.
If you already have an account and it has Fantastico, then don't let a lazy chat tech tell you to create a new account and transfer your sites just to make something easier for them. Make them fix the issue on your existing account.
and yes, HG pissed me off and I came to DP to bitch about it. BUT, I feel this might save somebody a headache in the future so I don't mind venting here.
If somebody feels I am wrong PLEASE let me know.
If anybody knows a host that still provides Fantastico, please post that here for other users who may be looking for hosting and need these easier install methods for these scripts.
Sorry if this is sloppy but I wrote it fast on my way out the door...



This server is not properly licensed.
Your main server IP as currently seen by our servers is removed IP address.
If you have submitted a different IP for licensing, please contact your NOC if this is a NOC license or email sales@netenberg.com with order number, currently licensed IP and new IP (removed) if this is a self-purchased license.
If this is a self-purchased license, it may also have expired. In this case, please follow the payment link in the renewal notification which you have received by email in order to renew your license.
If you ran a demo version of Fantastico, you now need to purchase a full license.