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Supports Multiple Languages

Multilingual - Support For Multiple Languages
Pre-Loaded With Four (7) Languages (English, Spanish, French, Russian, Turkish, German and Portuguese)
Easily switch between any language by clicking on the language name

Adding Content

Upload Picture
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Voting - Uploaded photos and videos go to the voting section where members can vote on them. Admins can set the number of voted needed to move on to trending or be deleted.
Trending - Once photos get the admin set number of votes they move onto the trending page where anyone can vote or favorite for them. Admins can set the number of voted needed to move on to hot.
Hot - Once photos exceed the admin set number of voted they appear in the hot section of the website.

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Sharing Options - Twitter, Facebook, Google and StumbleUpon
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Report - Notifies the admin of inappropriate content
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Image watermarking system has been added for jpg and png images.
Support has been added in the character limiter for multi-byte characters.
Infinity scrolling has been added to the hot, trending and vote sections.
Add Video/Picture to Favorite
Set Your Twitter Account Username - Show up on side menu
Search for photos and videos.
Fast Section - Light layout that loads very fast.
Button to show users a Random Gag
Contact Form which sends the message to the admin's e-mail.

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