Hi all,

Sorry to post my business investment in here, cause i think i can't see another related things with my needed. Here are my business information that i want to run :

I'll buy some types of goods originating from Australia, the country I live now. And based on the information and the search I did with some of my friends who are in Indonesia and some countries of the Asian region will require the items I sell there.

The following types of items that I will sell: handbags, clothes, and some of the original watches make sure I have much demand so you do not have to worry about the way I'm giving the advantage to you.

I need $2,000 from you only first time and never increase investment amount since. I can give 5% of net profit that I get every month and of course if the business can run smoothly and I will try to give you additional benefits.

I just received delivery of investment through liberty reserve and I will provide some evidence of the goods after I use your money and will deliver directly to your photo. I just want to open this offer to one person in order to more easily manage profits and of course I would give you my office phone number (it's real and fix number).

skype : matvei.vassily

thank you

jersey william