First a bit of insight:

I have a full time job, but I also have a few skills with websites, recently I have made a few websites and since then there has been constant demand, but I simply don't have the time so at the moment I am turning away work but what I often find is that the same people still want a website a few months down the line even though I still don't have the time to make them.
I don't advertise the fact that I can make websites, in fact I made one for a friend and since then I have had loads of people contact me to make them a website.

That's why I am looking for some designers who ware after some extra work, a few websites here and there maybe to help build your income up. But long term it does look like there's a lot of potential.

Websites can range from a simple 1 page gardening website to a e-commerce on-line clothing shop.

There is no preference in what program you use.

To apply please send me a message with the following details:

Company Name (If applicable):
Years Experience:
Specialist Areas:
References (If Any):
Any Further Information:

Note: At this moment in time I am designing the website and getting it functional, please make very clear if you do not make websites functional or if you think you will struggle with this part.