hi,have you sell any gig in fiverr?and how much did you got?..maybe some people get much much more money and some people did not get anything right..This is because there are too many competition and too many gigs to be sell.now there are 670000 gigs sell in fiverr,but what some seller do if there are no selling gig by them?here are the answer to the problem.Create another account with the site similar to fiverr.com..maybe you will see the different between fiverr and other site,but you need to thinking out of the box,search another places to sell your service.if you want to be a top seller,maybe it hard in fiverr,but at other site..come and join the other site and sell your gig there.maybe you will make more profit and be a top seller.who know.TRY FIRST AND YOU WILL KNOW