Hi guys,
Quickeasyhits is a social exchange website that is dedicated to helping users grow their Twitter, Facebook, Digg, YouTube, Google +1's etc. I need good SEO marketing to bring me more passive traffic. The site is up since 4 months but it is already on 1st page of google for "get free followers". The site is growing greatly! We have already done over 275,000 exchanges and also have over 3,300 active members who use our website daily. Our website has 250 delicious saves, over 100 digg's, 13,000 twitter followers and over 1,000 Facebook likes. You can see how it is performing on Alexa here http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/quickeasyhits.com#
It will be in top 100 000 in USA at the end of April.

I need a dedicated SEO "dude" who can make it show on 1st page of google for more competitive keywords and drive more traffic. The site has many different ways of bringing income and I am willing to partner with you and split the eventual earnings from it. Yes, I mean from all the income of the site. At this time quickeasyhits is not making a lot but I am sure with some good seo it will begin making money in no time.

I am open to any suggestions and eventual partnerships.