Hi all,

I have recently started a reputation management company and will be buying lots of PPC soon to direct traffic to my site.

Being new to the area, I would like to buy testimonials from people who are comfortable with offering a testimonial for me to use on my site.

First and foremost let me say that I am usually very ethical and this step is a little out of my normal comfort zone, however within reputation management large sums of money are thrown around and I believe testimonials (with a twist) could help me, albeit I understand that these are not ‘true testimonials’. Take comfort that I know seo (yes I know I could use case studies on my site but want more relevant reviews) and I am this for the long term. Therefore you are not putting your brand at risk by potentially associating it with mine.

For those of you reading this and wish to post comments about ‘how this is unethical’ or ‘illegal’ or whatever nonsense that I suggest you don’t bother as such a comment will not a response. Longer term (6 months+) I will intend to use my actual clients data for my sites testimonials section. Also as referenced above I know seo and will be providing customers a service and am operating a genuine business and investing a lot of money (e.g. I am getting lawyers to write up monthly contracts for customers for monthly payment plans).

Basically I want to partner with 25 people, and here is how this will go down:-

The 25 customers get a 10% share of takings (not profit) each month shared equally

Where a prospective customer contacts you for a review via email etc and this customer subsequently converts you get 5% of the takings of the lifetime of that arrangement!

OK, lets put this into perspective…. An average reputation management case could bring in $2,000-$20,000 monthly… Lets make our assumptions at the very low end of the scale and assume I only obtain 10 customers a month at $2,000 a month, that means I take $20,000 a month of which I then pay out 10% equally amongst all 25 site owners $80.00 each….. Then if each site owner gets contacted once at a $2,000 a month arrangement, then they will receive 5% of this or $100. Also it is worth noting that most arrangements run for 3 months + meaning one deal could provide $300+.

I have a large budget and a large team to utilise therefore there is the potential for you to earn quite a bit of income from this arrangement.

What do I need from you?!

1. I need a snapshot of your site on my website with a personalised story (which I will write) of how my services helped you

2. A link to your email details/support centre so customers can contact you easily for reviews (note you will need an email address on your website prefix or need a support system – no free email addresses accepted. E.g. If you own abc.com then I would expect an email address of or similar to be specified)

So how much work is realistically needed? If a prospective customer does contact you, then you an average email response so perhaps 5-10 minutes could earn you $300+ monthly

I also intend to give all 25 site owners a fair shot of earning their 5% contact fee’s so intend to structure my testimonial section whereby the first 5 sites will be stated (these will be rotated each week) with a ‘read more’ hyperlink if a user wants to browse more of the sites. So every site owner will get high visibility and potential of getting contacted and earning numerous 5% of deals.

Are you interested?????????

If so, do not PM me!

Instead post in this thread with the following:-

Type of site you have – are you a merchant, are you an affiliate, do you dropship, are you a manufacturer

Industry you are in – electronics, pet etc

Google page rank of your site

Age of your site

Whether you have a support system or a hosted email address – e.g.