I'm planning to start a small Web Hosting company in which stable growth and quality support and best price/quality ratio shall be maintained.

I can Provide the following:

1. Server ( with all end-server things like Billing, Autoinstallers ).
2. Domain.
3. Tech Support and maintanence ( I'm working full-time as a Linux SysAdmin for a big web hosting company ).

What do I need from you ?

1. Website look and maintanence ( No need for custom designs, just something that will look decent enough so we can start off, we can get a custom designed one later once we have a bigger client base ).
2. Your time for promoting ( Posting our offers, promoting our services wherever you can, adding wherever you can )
3. Some support ( mainly Sales, I'd prefer to handle most of the Tech stuff, although you can also do it if you have the proper knowledge ).

As I will be putting some $$$ in the company I cannot offer anything for now besides some commission based payment depending on the growth ( so basicly you can more if we are able to sell more, mostly thanks to your time ).
Once we grow enough you will get a normal salary, even a contract if you might be interested.
I have a business plan ready, I just need someone who can help me out with the time things and website.

Contact me via e-mail @ ( gTalk online ).