Hi DPers,

Afraid of paying Upfront?

Want to check the quality of service and the capability of the SEO company before you subscribe ?

Then here i am with the best possible solution ...

My name is John, I am the BDM of one of the biggest link building and SEO company.

We are 97 member company and we have experience of nearly 5+ years in SEO ..

We have completed nearly 500+ project in the last 5 years and 90% of our customers are ranking in great position for many competitive keywords..

The process is simple .. If you are interested then all you have to do is this , you just have to send us a URL and a keyword ..

And once we get the URL and the keyword we will send you a "Initial report" in which you can see the current rankings for the keyword on that date ..

After that we will send 2 reports .. every 15 days ..

On the 30th day we will send a "Final report" in which you can see the ranking improvements in the last 30 days ..

Only after 30 days you are going to subscribe with the service and that too if you are satisfied with our service alone ..

If you are not satisfied with the service then you can just let it slide .. And no questions will be asked ..

There is No investment whatsoever so you do not have to be afraid of anything..

Its us who are taking the risk ..

You do not have anything to loose but you have a lot to gain ..

You can PM or contact me in john.seo1987@gmail.com for more details..

My skype is : john.slater87

I am ready to send the portfolio if interested

Looking forward to your reply ..