I have webmoney account in the type of keeper light, when i just login i get message that my certificate is expiring and a message saying how to renew my certificate and here the detail

If your certificate has expired and you want to continue using your WM-ID (ie your accounts have funds in them), and provided your certificate has not been renewed, you need to send the *.PFX file with your WM-ID and password from the e-mail address you registered to

firstly my certificate is .p12 file not PFX ??
secondly what password i should send to them, when i first register with webmoney I don't remember I had to set a password !!!
anyway in account setting there is an option to change password if i tried it then it ask me to verify my phone number through sms digit number verification, so i added my mobile number they said I will receive SMS containg 5 digit code in a minute but I received nothing, i tried again many times but i never received this damn sms ?????

what should I do ?? how can I contact WM-Transfer support what's the fastest way to chat or clarify things from them
any help appreciated