Hi All,

I am looking for a investor/partner for an established wordpress plugin that I have released about a month ago. Currently the plugin already has close to 9,000 downloads within a little over a month. It also has a high 4.6/5 star rating as well. It has also made it on a wordpress most popular plugin list of a very high authority blog.

I have already invested in the actual plugin that was created from scratch. The plugin is in a huge niche with huge potential. My overall goal is to make this a six/seven figure a year business with some of the later features I will be releasing.

Right now I already have one lead senior developer who is great, and I will be hiring another once I am able to raise some funds. I am a full time marketer with over 5 years of experience online so the marketing strategies are already solid. I am gearing up to launch a viral campaign after I roll out some more features within the actual plugin.

I have a list of over 50 new features of the plugin that I have received from getting feedback from the current users as well as some things that I have added in as well. Right now the plugin is free within the wordpress directory because I wanted to get all the bugs and stuff out of the way first. But now that it is stable I am looking to add an upgraded version in which I will charge a one time fee for as well as recurring fees for other options. I also have a loyal following of users since I capture their name and email and communicate with them on the backend.

I am looking for serious investors/partners who can invest anywhere from $x,xxx-$xx,xxx

Please PM me if you are interested. We will have to sign a NDA before we discuss any specifics.

Thanks! ;-)