I have a company website that offers banner advertising.

The current system, Joomla, offers ad banner statistics as clicks and impressions. However the system is not very good and has it's flaws.

So a few questions.

1. As an advertiser what statistics would be of importance?

2. Are those statistics supplied by the companies website your advertising on or is it handled by the advertiser somehow? Like their own tracking code or something like that.

3. What system should i look into implementing to track banner statistics so I have some statistics to give to advertisers?

Currently my website has full google analytics and covers the full gamut of any statistic we or any advertiser could ask for.

My problem is I need something similiar for banner advertising. I think. However as you can see from my questions I don't know where to start.

If a client asks how their banner advertisement is doing I would not be able to tell them very much.

If a client asks for statistics on overall banners on our site I wouldn't be able to tell them much. Although I'm not even sure that question is valid. If theres 10 banners and 9 are designed poorly or offer no interest to readers then the statistics are flawed.