I'm looking for a person who can check some text and correct all grammar (and other) errors in this text. Here are more details:

You will need to correct grammar on 10 websites (all of them are designed for selling software), each website has 5-10 pages. Some of them are small (like contacts page, screenshots page, etc.) and some of them are larger (like features page). In order to make your work as simple as it could be, you can simply copy/paste all the text from websites into Word and then send me a modified file (with grammar fixed).

Here are my requirements:

English MUST be your native language. For example, if someone was born in Spain and now lives in USA, I will NOT hire him (even if he is US citizen). You must be born and live in country where English is main language.

I will ask you to provide me with some examples of your work (like articles, etc.)

That's all :) If you are interested, please post your pricing (per website) and more details (if any), so I can make my choice.

P.S. I will choose person for fixing grammar for ONE website right now. If I'm happy about results, I will surely hire the same person for working with other 9 websites after he finishes his work.