Recently I got around to buy a fairly large website (well according to my standards anyway), generating around 10k pageviews daily. Perhaps it is important to note that the previous user did not use Adsense, because of some problems he'd had with it ages ago when the website initially started. Nevertheless after doing some research I found out that I am not really getting good value for my clicks from the other networks. So now I do have my account ready, but I have couple of questions regarding the placement of the ads and also the traffic volume.

Firstly the website never had ads on the homepage or pages often linked to (a lot of pages are dynamically generated and may not be valid for long, so even if a user would come through an inbound link, he would be most likely redirected to the homepage) I do believe this is one of the reasons that the CTR is quite high and I would like to keep it that way. My question thus is, will it be problematic with Adsense that most of the traffic through the ads will seem to have originated from my homepage?

Secondly the website as I said is doing fairly well, the domain is over 5 years old, the website around 3, will it be problem if I sign up with Adsense and immediately a substantial amount of traffic will start going through (hopefully)?

Many thanks