Have a look at www.thelotter.com

That site enables you to play lotteries from around the world. The way they do it, is they position their workers across the globe to purchase lottery tickets on behalf of the users. They charge the users a small fee along with the cost of the ticket itself.

But they only list popular lotteries from popular countries. These kind of lotteries are not very hopeful. Not very often does someone win a 6 digit lottery. Although if you do win, you win extremely big. But not even on thelotter.com has someone hit the jackpot. They only match SOME of the numbers.

The country I am from has a very lucrative single-digit game. It is not really a lottery since it doesn't have a jackpot. All the player does is choose a number from 1-36 daily. If the player gets the **RANDOMLY SELECTED** number correct, he/she wins the amount of money he wagered multiplied by 24 (sometimes 32 or 35). There is no limits to the amount one can wager which makes it better and more lucrative.

I want to create a site to allow outsiders to play this game just like thelotter.com does. I can create the site in one day. I also want to have on that site, a live stream of when the number is selected. (it shows on our national TV station, so I just need to embed the live stream from their website).

This is an easy game to win and unlike a lottery, it's very active as some days you win, some days you don't. Not like the games on thelotter.com where you might go your whole life never winning.

I already have a domain in my domains list that I can use for this and server space. I need anyone from a country that doesn't offer this game to join me and market the site in their country. Fees, profits etc will be discussed and my country and the URL etc will be revealed to partners. This is very legal and I will supply you with my country via PM so you can check it out yourself.

I look forward to working with you guys soon.