NO NEWBIES, only experienced people that have proper feedback and skill sets. I am looking for an individual not a company. There are plenty of VA providers here on DP & elsewhere that offer SEO VA for $300/month (40 hours per week). I am offering $240/month (20 hours per week) for experienced, reliable person. Prompt payments by Paypal.

I am looking for a honest, reliable, experienced virtual asssistant (with good English skills) to start working for me part time, with full time opportunity for the right candidate.

What I am looking for a jack of all trades, someone that has experience with the usual SEO + Wordpress (setup & management) + script installation + light HTML / graphic work + Social Media + etc to create new sites from scratch and provide ongoing SEO support. Typical scenario would be - I give you a domain name and you do keyword research, start on an empty Wordpress, build a site around it, start promoting it with white hat methods. This will be repeated for many different existing domain names as well as ongoing support. With multiple sites this can easily lead to full time (40 hours per week, $480/month) position in SEO management alone.

You have to be someone who has the experience of setting up sites from scratch, either for yourself or for clients. Someone that can work without supervision and keep a daily log of work performed (daily report in the end of the day).

Please PM me introduction about who you are, what experience you have and why you feel you would be a good fit for this job.