Hey guys,

Have you been trying to get your site on the TOP of google? Are at least a higher rank?
Well today is your lucky Day, I will do SEO for your website and get it on the first page on google with your keywords (Or I can suggest a keywords for you)

Why only $5?
I know you Might say "He is crazy" But I am really only doing it for $5. I wanted to do it only for $5 because I need to make sure my "Method" works and I wanted to give the people that didn't have enough money a chance to also get their sites ranked

Will this hurt my site?
NO! This will not hurt your site with google in anyway!

How do I buy?
You can PM me Telling me the following

Your site URL and 3 Keywords (Or ask me to pick the keywords)

Then I will send you my paypal email (I will not start until you pay)

That is all you have to do :)