Hi DP members,

Meet with me again,
Now, I want to sell with bulk these domains, 5x PR3 + 1x PR5 with many niche, yes it is dropped domain, all registered at Godaddy and ready to push, BID $115 and BIN only $125 for all,

Q: Can you verify ownership for this domain?
A: Yes of course, I always sell my own domain, so I can easily verify ownership like you want (post text/word instantly on my site)

Q: Is it valid Pagerank?
A: Yes, you can check it by your trusted tools to check validity this domain. Check not only with one tools/site to make sure.

(I always use this tools to check validity of pagerank : CekPR.com and or checkpagerank.net and or rankchecker.com and make sure with type on google search box : "info:domainname" without quote, domainname must be appear there)

Q: Why you sell this domain?
A: I'm one of domain seller. I have more than 100 site on my account, and I build up and maintain all of them but I just use several domains for my own business and the other I will sell to give another one take online business opportunities too. Most people out there success with their online biz, we must take opportunities to success too!

Q: There isn't any backlink (There is not enough backlink) for this domain, whether domain pagerank can continue to survive?
A: Yes, of course. We do not know for sure whether a domain pagerank will drop or not even though the domain has a lot of backlinks or not. But for your consider, please take a time to search my previously Auction thread, almost my domains that has been sold still have their pagerank , so you can make decision with confidence. We can add more backlink slowly.

Please don't ask similar question or comment like above, I only sell what I have and hope can be help your online biz, if you think this domain cannot give any value for your biz please find another auction to get domain like your expected, thank you and have a nice day

Take a time to read and consider, if you feeling good with one or more domain, then take it but if you are not feel good with that jump to another offer/auction. Tools are only tools but what you feel for something (in this case domain) is more important. I always hope all my buyer got what they need. So, if you take some domains from me, and you are satisfied, you can tell your friend.

P.S. If you have a time, find out about my another PR domains available for sale at this moment here PHLINK.ORG

~ Registrar : Godaddy
~ Payment : Paypal (verified)
~ 3 days auction