So here is what I need, some one who knows the following and can give information about this

- Apache
- Linux (I'm using Debian)
- Perl, PHP, Bash, Shell

I'm using this product, "". Using this I have been able to do do all related to downloading the Cisco configs but one thing:

1- I can download and compare the startup configs and process can be automated
2- I can download and compare the running configs and process can be automated
3- In order to compare the startup config with the running config I have to manually run a command and type in the values of the startup and running config ID's like this:

- /opt/ona/bin/ -r config_diff host= ida=1 idb=6

I want to be able to some how automate that process too like setup a "cron" so that after it downloads both configs it can compare the two with the ID's, so the script will need to get the ID's for both configs somehow and then run this script and then email the differences and preferably store it on the web too. But if at least it can be emailed that will be sufficient enough. Right now when the system compares the two startup configs or two running configs with the MD5 checksum. I was thinking about using that method and comparing the MD5 checksum of startup and running but it always is different so no way that method can be used.

Please help waiting for the response from some one?