Thank you for the list you sent me before , but for this term , I need more PR1 and 2 homepage link only for yearly duration with this criteria :
1. The seller should have i-trader more than 30

2. I need fashion, home, real estate, auto, jewelry, finance, industry, construction, technology, sport

3. No bad links/unrelated post and never accept bad links and unrelated post

4. Age 1 Year and more

5. Not too many OBL , max 10 OBL

6 . Different IP's

7. No deindex sites

8 . Keyword on their domain names, no

9 . Agree with my price below for homepage link :
PR1 : $8/Y
PR2 : $10/Y

Please send me your list only if you agree with my price , I will buy your links regularly if I found good sites as I have mentioned above

Send me also your gtalk, paypal id , and your phone no.

Complete the list with URL, Niche, PR and IP .

Waiting for your PM or email asap

first come