Hello everyone,

I want to develop an iphone and android application for meeplace script (check meeplace demo)

What would it cost me, if I want it to include:

1-Find Places near you (Location Based; and categorized) with an option to disable locations and search any place or city (sorted by highest rating, or latest added places)
2- Should include Deals close to you (and as well as above a user can ignore the location based feature, and search for deals in a city and category that he/she specifies)
3- and last is the events around and as well like the previous 2, should be location based and categorized.

I'm waiting for your offers, and I would appreciate receiving an application name that you have done before.

50% of the Payment will be done when I receive a demonstration of the app, and the other 50% will be paid when I get it open source.

Thank you,