Hey Dp'ers, jpeace808 here. After taking a sizeable hiatus, I have finally returned to offer you an SEO service unlike any other. I call it, "The Secret Link Sauce". This service offers you the opportunity to outrank your competitors, dominate your niche, as well as land on google's 1st page.

So, how is it unlike any other?
Well imagine being ranked on google's 1st page in 30 days or less, GUARANTEED! No BS, no BULL, just straight RESULTS! Our team consist's of proffesional and elite SEO'ers with years of experience under their belts.

How exactly are you gonna get me ranked? What methods are involved?

The Secret Link Sauce service has a huge aresnal of programs to achieve pure results. Our database contains over 1.8 million domains...not crappy URL's, DOMAINS! Our client base ranges from Doctors and Lawyers, to your local smoke shop. So rest assured, we know what we're doing ;)

How long before I start seeing results?
Well I'm glad you asked. All orders AND rankings will be done within 30 days of payment. So for example, if you order today, you'll be on google's first page on 5/10/2012.

So how much does it cost?
Because of our guarantee and quality of work, we would normally charge an upwards of $150 or more per keyword, depending on competition. Some of our client's are willingly paying us $2k a month. Why? because our service works! We get you to google's 1st page and keep you there.

For a limited time, we are offering a special discount as my returning gift to you. Depending on your keyword and it's competition, we will rank them for only $100 per keyword! That's right folks, you read it right. For a measly $100, you'll be on google's first page within 30 days of your payment completion.

If you can't afford $100, then you aren't serious. Or you can go and find some other service that offer what we do, at our price, and make the comparison yourself.

What's the catch? Is there anything else I need to know?
There is one catch. The keyword that you are trying to rank, HAS to be on at least pages 10 - 20 of google. So if you're keyword is on page 17, you're fine. Page 6, you're fine. Page 32, well, how about you just PM me if you're not on page 20 and below ;)
You will also be required to have an active gmail account with login info ready for us to get your campaign started.

Ok, one more time. What am I getting again?
Let me break it down for you:
You are GUARANTEED a spot on google's first page within 30 days of payment completion.
100% money back if in the rare event that we fail to meet the deadline.

Any proof of work?
Of course! But we don't reveal ANY of our clients info and/or work done. Fortunately, I have a screenshot of a campaign I've started on one of my personal projects just this morning. The attached screenshot shows just ONE of the MANY diverse methods we use to rank your keyword. This method shows our backlinking method in progress.

Do you have a review copy?
Yes we do! A review copy is only $100! C'mon people, this isn't an ebook. No freebie review parties here. Heck, you could be making 3x your investment once you hit google's 1st page :)

So where and how do I place an order?
Simply PM me with your keyword or keywords and URL. We will analyze them to see what kind of work needs to be done and see if it qualifies for our $100 ranking service. Upon keyword review, we will proceed to payment details.

So what are you waiting for? Take advantage of our sweet "Secret Link Sauce" for only $100 per keyword and get on google's 1st page!
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