Do you have original template site with HTML and want to use it for your Wordpress blog or WHMCS billing system site? Yes, here we can help you with cheap price. We intergrated many times for our reseller customers and both of them are happy with us.

Cheap Intergration with WHMCS site (billing system for hosting sites)

Full Intergration include:
- Header
- Footer
- Colours and layouts
- Insert live chat (optional)

Time limit: max 3 days

Starting from 15$ per template

Cheap Intergration with Wordpress site

Full Intergration include:
- 5 file templates (archive.php, index.php, single.php, search.php and page.php)
- Insert live chat (optional)

Time limit: max 2 days

Starting from $10 per template

Our live demo:

Wordpress -

Due to our policy we can't publish our customer's sites however welcome if you PM me.