Hi there DP members .
i was wordpress theme designer and wordpress theme development with almost than 2 Years Experience, from Indonesia.

This is my requirement :

i want to hire some Internet Marketer / Internet Sales to sale all my Wordpress Theme .

How we work ?
  • I Send you A live link demo and the Screenshoot of the Wordpress Theme
  • I will give you my price list at lower price ( the purpose is to make you comfort be my sales. so you can make your own prices )
  • get a deal with your client and give me your client e-mail , so i can send my theme product to your client

What is the benefits ?
  • We Share the profit 50% ( 50% from my list price who i given to you. From the example i give you $10 theme, then you sale with your own prices . if you can get a buyer for me . we split the profit 50%, so you get $5 from me then i get $5 from you )
  • you will get updates list product from me
  • you can make your own prices
  • i will support your client everyday 24 hours via IM , so if my product have a problem your client will reach me with easy
  • you just get a buyers , so after make a deal you can walk with your money
  • after you / your client send me for theme payment you can walk with your bonuses and there is no late payment from me.
  • i accept Paypal for money transaction so it will so easy to transaction progress

Where you can reach / contact me ?

G-talk :mflive001@gmail.com
Yahoo :mf_live@yahoo.com
Skype : Aldyan.Imayazar
Email :mflive002@gmail.com
Facebook : Aldyan Imayazar ( )
Twitter : @aldhiera

please contact me , this position was always available. you can be my sales All the time you want . just catch me on that contact above. i waiting for your positive feedback .

Best Regards ,
Aldyan Imayazar