i resell services on fiverr

I am level 2 seller there and i know how to promote and get good orders there.

So can you provide any service at cheap price of like 1.5$ or maybe upto 2$ ?

Service can be anything like
social bookmark
fiverr followers
fb likes
pinterest services
graphics work
article submissions
fbvouchers or adwords vouchers
hosting vouchers

just anything you can do online and people want and ill resell it.

Ill pay 1.5- $2$ for one order.

I can also do jv with you if you want for selling them further. I can can loads of orders daily so want the service to be good and cheap

IMP: I prefer if you are from INDIA like me. Will help in payments and revenue sharing.

Interested? Please PM me with your gtalk or msn or skype id.