On website development and marketing, the traffic for a website cannot be generated with nothing to do. The high rank can contribute a lot to the traffic generation of a website. To have a high rank, there is lots of work need to do when a website is built. There are six key points for a website rank raising.

1. Original content

The good contents of a website play the most important role for its traffic generation and the best content is the original one whose uniqueness and relevance can contribute a lot for the website to face fewer competitors. Because the search engine will supply the most important and relative results for the searchers, the original one will have priority to be showed by the search engine.

2. Proper keywords

The keywords need to be arranged properly in the original content. Otherwise, the website cannot be listed high on the searching rank as the search engine cannot search it at all. The proper keywords arrangement also needs to be taken into consideration when the website marketing articles is written.

3. Basic optimization

The importance of website optimization shall be listed after the website content. The construction and optimization of a website only need to meet the basic requirement of some main search engines. What should be taken into consideration firstly in the website content instead of the website optimization?

4. Valid submission

When it is built or rebuilt, the website shall be submitted to main search engines validly that can bring most amount of traffic. The submission to main search engines can also be auto updated that can be consulted to professional servicers who provide website design, development and marketing.

5. High-quality backlinks

The high-quality backlinks can contribute a lot to the traffic generation of a website although PR, for Google, is not the most important measurement. The higher rank a website will have if the more high-quality backlinks it can have.

6. Updated content

The website also needs to be updated with high-quality original content regularly when it gains a high rank. Then this high rank can be kept or raising.

The six key points listed above is simply the basic one for the rank raising of a website, but they are the most important one for website development and marketing. A website can gain its high rank if these six key points can be proceeded persistently.