I have a couple of small business clients with limited IT abilities who are using POP3 mail accounts as though they were IMAP accounts. In other words, they want to keep all their email on the server so they can access it from a laptop, webmail, mobile 'phone etc.

On the plus side:

1. When it works, it works
2. It's cheap - this is a basic small business web/email hosting package
3. They understand it
4. They can use their own domain names for incoming and outgoing email, so it's professional and businesslike

But their current set-up is a problem for a couple of reasons:

1. They have a limited amount of drive space, so they have to keep deleting old email
2. The POP3 mail from the hosting company is not backed up, so if the server dies, they'll lose everything

Can I have some suggestions for a simple, future-proof email solution that:

1. Allows you to access your email from anywhere
2. Is reasonably priced
3. Is professional (ie. you use your own domain name and there's no advertising appended to incoming or outgoing mail)

I've had some experience of setting up a Microsoft Hosted Exchange account for a small business client and he definitely did not find it easy to understand.

I'm inclined to recommend Google Apps - anyone have any other (better?) suggestions?