My site's URL (web address) is:

I had been getting tons of 404 errors in webmaster.

I had narrowed them down to certain problems here and would be thankful for any expert help on this issue.

The problems stem from urls that seems to be server configuration in terms of HTACCESS.
Let me explain:

This is a normal url in which content is being shown normally.

In google webmaster, I had been getting 404 errors that stem from an additional / in the url address. As a result of extra /'s or double //s in the url, the css and the layout of the site is screwed up. Resulting in an unlimited number of 404 errors to be detected.
Please view the attached photograph to see all the 404 links that are created as a result in the left panel.

I tried to do a test in Wordpress blogs and use this as an example.

If I were to add an additional / in the url,
the browser automatically removes and corrects the double // issue becomes => automatically.

Can anyone help with the htacess code that is needed to do this on my main URL so that becomes => automatically?

Please help and thanks in advance.
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