Hi Guys

Would you like to know that your Windows based computers, laptops and servers are secure, up to date and performing as they should?

Would you like to be alerted via email or SMS when any problems arise BEFORE they become a costly repair job?

Then our Managed IT Security and Performance Service is for you.

Full details of our Managed IT Service here:


Brief outline below:

Our Managed IT Service can secure and monitor the following:

Standardised Anti-Virus / Malware software deployed across your IT estate
Monitoring of ALL major security programs such Trend Micro, Avast, McAfee, Panda, Kaspersky, CA, Norton, MS Security Essentials, ESET, AVG, Antivir
Application deployment - To a single user or computer or across your IT estate
Applications deployed via the cloud
System Performance - Are you systems running as they should? If not then why not?
System Security - Anti-Virus / Malware software automatically deployed, updated, scheduled to scan
Operating System Updates - Systems kept up to date with the latest patches, security releases etc
Hardware Performance - Memory, CPU, Hard disks monitored for bottlenecks
Hardware Audits every 24 hours or on demand
Event logs
User Accounts - Created / deleted / disabled etc
Device Status - Online / Offline
Security Policies - Set by users, computers, groups, departments, location etc
USB Devices - Forced Enable / Disable - Ideal for security
Asset / Inventory tracking
Windows Licences
3rd Party Software Licences
Backup Status - Are backups in place? Do they work?

This is a monthly subscription service aimed at home, SOHO and business users alike.

Discounts for bulk users.

FREE 1 Month Trial - NO Contract - Your NOT happy after the 1st month then your service is stopped.

Should you require more information then please contact me.