Hello DP members. I own the popular webmaster promotion niche online community forum called "Advertise Hotspot". It has been around for over 2 years already. Started back in January 15th 2010, the forum has grown to over 90,000 posts database and having a huge members database of 1,300+ and growing.

I am selling my site as I have no time to manage it anymore. I am way too busy with school and my personal life. I do not have anymore time to commit to the site anymore. I am looking to sell this site to someone trustworthy and suitable.

Currently with a valid Google PR3 and Alexa traffic rank of 120,000+ . The website also has a custom designed and coded phpBB theme by one of our administrators. A custom phpBB theme can cost $50 to $500. Considering the design of our theme, our one is at the high end pricing. Our main website colors are red, orange and yellow, as it represents "HOT, FIRE" those kind of effects and fits our website's name perfectly.

The forum is currently running in a phpBB3 forum software which is a pretty popular and good top notch forum software out there. You can learn more about it at phpbb.com My forum niche is "webmaster" and basically members can discuss and talk webmaster related material on the forum and also promote & advertise their websites for free on the forum. You can change the rules when you own this site but I highly recommend you don't change all of them all at one shot or the community won't take it well.

Other SEO stats for my website includes
  • Over 1680 genuine & powerful backlinks pointing to us
  • Over 30,000 Google indexed pages
  • Ranks top #10 on Google.com for many top notch keywords like "forum promotion" and "free website promotion"
  • The website is SEO tweaked for best SEO advantages
  • Has over 600+ Google plus ones
  • Over 100+ Facebook "likes" on the page
  • Over 4000+ tweets about our website URL
  • Huge social media presence
Here is just some of the keywords which our website ranks top #20 for on Google.com (screenshot) : http://i.imgur.com/Ws7Fe.png Those are pretty major keywords and we are ranking well for it. With more on page SEO, our website will get to top #3 in Google in no time.

If you buy this website you will get the following
  • Ownership to the website
  • Ownership to our official Facebook fan page with over 1,900 genuine fan likes
  • Login details for full site
  • Free 1 year of HostGator hosting (currently already hosted on HostGator)
  • 1 year full email support for anything related to the website
  • 100% free support on moving the site including files (if needed)
  • Full website files and themes
  • Free domain push to your GoDaddy account

Financial Details

I don't personally earn much from the site because I didn't make full use of the site by inserting Google ads and all. I tried Google ads before, but I failed to receive the cheque because they said my account didn't match my name and so I removed all Google ads. Currently I have 2 faithful clients paying me $30 a month for a simple text link to be placed on my site. I also get revenue from other sources like Fiverr.com, SEOClerks.com, DigitalPoint.com and more.

Some proof :




Once again, if you make full use of the site's earning potential, you can make the best out of the revenue potential. It has got good traffic coming in, together with a good membership and posts database. Earning $$ will be easy. But once again, my main focus on the website is not earning $$, that is why I don't earn much.

I usually get paid via Paypal.com.

Traffic Details

All traffic proof and screenshot images are taken directly from my website's cPanel "Awstats" application. Google it and check it up if you have never heard of it. Its 100% legit and accurate stats.

This is the screenshot of our site's February 2012 traffic : http://i.imgur.com/5ipxl.png

This is the top 25 country breakdown list of our traffic sources : http://i.imgur.com/0ZYZU.png

BIN PRICE : $700

Any questions, you can PM me or just reply to this topic. I look forward to your questions and interest!