I have an idea for a website people can go to to leave a private message for a friend online that they can access using two separate passwords (to avoid people typing any one password to gain access) that you create. You'd have to get both passwords correct to gain access to the message.

So, for instance, if you have to send someone information and they don't have an email address, they can just go to this site, type in the two short, separate passwords you gave them over the phone (for instance) and access your message. Each message will be hosted at it's own sub-domain on the site (and not allowed to be spidered by search engines) and be deleted after a specific time. Sort of like a tinyurl.com but for private messages.

Also it would have to have a filter so no two users can create the same two existing passwords.

This concept developed because I had to send someone a complex link to a website who didn't have email. (You'd be surprised how many older people don't use email.) Rather than telling them the long link over the phone, I needed some way to get the link to them.

This seems like a fairly easy and straightforward build. But I would need to see the site working correctly before any money exchanged hands because I've been burned before by people who said they could build a site when they couldn't and all they wanted was to take the percentage they ask for upfront.