Anyone buy some chickens this spring? With the price of food going up,,, well, with the price of everything going up, my wife and I decided to get some chickens.

My wife and I decided to get some chicks this spring. In all, we ended up with 13 chicks of various types.

3 - black jersey giants
2 - barred rocks
2 - australorps
4 - rhode island reds
And a couple others I do not remember what type

Its just too much trouble to raise chickens for the meat. Well, unless you do not like factory raised meat that is.

Easter weekend I adding a 6 feet wide by 4 foot deep section. When its finished the coop should be about 8 feet long and 6 feet wide.

If my math is right, this gives each chicken 3.23 square feet, not counting the laying boxes or perches.

The next step is to fence in the bottom of the coop so the chicks can get outside.