Hey Guys,

I am looking to get a logo designed for a new company called P Digital Ltd.


- Brand Name: P Digital Ltd
- Dimensions: 300-400 x 100-150 as a rough guide, you can go outside that if you wish but the logo must remain more horizontal than vertical.
- Background: Must be white
- Logo Colours any, be creative. The colour scheme of the site will be based on the colours used in the logo, so we are not fixed to anything yet. The logo doesn't represent anything that we are selling. At the moment it is just a brand name. The company is a digital media based company encompassing many different niches.


- 1 Logo in PNG Format.
- Any fonts used in case adjustments need to be made.

Payment Method: PayPal

Please do not enter if you cannot accept this form of payment. Payment will be sent in GBP and it will be coming from a company account so please don't ask me to Gift it as I am not able to in this case (I do normally).

Possible Concept:

In the word Digital, for the letter "D", maybe it could be slanted a bit to look like a Digital Dish with the signal/digital waves coming from it. This is however just an idea and we are open to you coming up with alternatives.

Any questions please ask.