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The majority of local restaurants do not have mobile friendly, well ranked websites with the ability to capture leads and get customers and the most important feature on a restaurants website is the ability to detect mobile web browsers. Think about it ... in this day and age when you are out on the road, hungry for some food, and don't know where to go - where do you look? On your mobile cellphone!

Restaurants need to have a mobile cellphone friendly website that makes it easy for their patrons to find them, go through their menu, and contact them right on mobile cellphones while on the go ... the push-to-call feature makes it easy for cellphone visitors to call and make a reservation just by touching the screen and the call to action only works when you make it as easy as possible for the user to take action.

Now, on both the cellphone and the desktop version, you need to sell the restaurants customers on dining before they are going to make the call. I have found time and time again having an interactive menu with quality pictures of the items is hands down the best way to get customers to pick up the phone or show up for dinner!

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