Okay so my old developer contact cannot deal with my sort of websites due to religious reasons as i have moved on to ***** websites here are some things i need to know

Can you work with ***** websites
How much do you charge an hour
Do you know html?
Do you know CSS?
Do you know php?
Do you know server set up?
Do you know mysql/phpmyadmin?
Do you have professional programs?
Do you have any proof of other projects you have done?

To give you an example of a minor thing i need doing right now the website in my signature link has 3 types of ads 1 none 2 banner and 3 interstitial i want to add a 4th type called pop under all it takes is a bit of copying and pasting and changing the ad type name in php also adding the type of ad in the Database

Would you be able to handle tasks like that?

No graphics will ever need to be made from you as we have a graphic designer unless he is being lazy. Very unlikely you will have to make some and i would not enforce it on you.

P.S it helps if you have/use ICQ and reply to thread not pm as it makes it more of a competitive thing.