Our company possess an online dating blog with a decent newsletter reader base (over 10k). However, our newsletter is really underutilized. We are looking for someone to rework our newsletter and optimize it for sales (we are promoting e-books).

Your work would be to :
1) re-work our current newsletter and write new e-mails in order in increase conversion.
2) Reply to e-mails from potential customers asking question about our product.

You would be paid a fix amount for part 1 (needs to be discussed) and a 50% commission for every sale you could close from readers e-mailing us about our product. It represents a commission of about 30$ per sale and can go up quickly.

To do this job you need to have the following profile:
- To obviously master the french language. We would discuss in french so I would know right away.
- Sale oriented
- Knowledge on how to build a good and converting newsletter.
- Being up to date with what's going on in the dating world and being able to advice our readers on the subject. Our readers are male looking to learn how to be better with women.
- Trustworthy.

This is a nice job for someone looking for some extra income while working from home.

If you are interesting, you can pm me in french why you would be the best for this job and how much you are expecting to be paid to re-write our newsletter.