The traffic of a website mostly is brought by the targeted keywords. However, webmasters would turn to other methods for keywords choice if there is fierce competition for the targeted keywords. The better choice is the long tail keywords that are keyword phrases that consist of between two and five words. Compared with the targeted keywords, the long tail keywords can bring more potential client for a website. For many medium or big websites with long tail keywords, lots of their traffic owe to the lone tail keywords as an equally large proportion of the searches are made up of millions of more specific search queries. Here are some tips for long tail keywords choice.

1. Google index

Obviously, the keywords of a website are not from the webmaster’s imagination. Instead, the choice of them is based on lots of analyzing of amount of original data. Google Index is the first step for long tail keywords choice. It can tell you the traffic trend for the long tail keywords you’d like to use. After checking and analyzing, you can choose the most suitable keywords. Then you can create a plan for the website traffic generation through long tail keywords.

2. Your competitor’s website

It is a useful method for keywords choice of a new built website. The webmaster need analyze the keywords of his competitor’s website which are ranked by search engine. For a new website with no rank, it is better to analyze the competitor’s websites listed on page ten or eight to find how to surpass them. After this aim is achieved, I can go to analyze the competitor’s websites listed on page seven, six, five…. The webmaster shall pay attention to the keywords, links, and bold words in content of the competitor’s websites. Then the webmaster can check the Google index of these collected keywords to choose the best keywords for his website.

3. The recommended keywords of search engine

We can see some recommended related words listed when we enter some keywords to the search engine. These words can be a good reference for the long tail keywords choice. However, it is a must to check the Google index of these words to see if they are only popular for a short period or a long term. It is better to see their trend in a half year or a year.

4. Ask your friends for help

This sound a little funny, but it is very helpful. Are you sure the keywords you choice that are based on a great number of checking and analyzing are truly what someone else would like to use for searching? Obviously, the best way to confirm them is to ask others if they will use them. And your friends are the best choice for your inquire. The webmaster can ask his friend if they will use these keywords to search what they want to search and what they will use for these searching. Then the webmaster can remove some keywords that can hardly bring the traffic. Finally, the best long tail keywords that can bring certain traffic for a website can be chosen.