Hello digitalpoint community forums - I am looking for two programmers to help develop an already in progress social network. For confidential reasons I can not discuss what the social network is in public how ever though I can say that it's purpose is to give people freedom of speech online limited to certain things.

What do I need
I need 2 programmers who know php / ajax/ css/
Coding knowledge in php is an essential - Ability to effectively communicate is a must also

What will you be doing -
You will be developing and exchanging ideas with me on how to go about building this site to make it as efficient for user use as possible.
Writing code in php and bringing ideas discussed to life
Being passionate about what you do - I really would like to work with someone who is in this for the long run. This just isn't a "regular" startup - it's a very large site and I need someone who is in it for the love of what they do not the money.
Having fun - I want to create a team that Is fun to work with and I know them for who they are and there personalities.

Payment -
Since I do not have a ton of money I will be able to pay a fixed rate per week and allow you to display ads and do revenue sharing upon the site once it's complete. The market of the site is very large and there is no such site on the internet that will execute the idea I have in mind.

When - Today, I need two people today so I can share what I have in mind and build a really good product in which the world can start to use today for tomorrow.

I really need and am counting for two programmers out there to make this happen. The two people will be handsomely rewarded

I can be reached at msn/gmail -