If you like paintball and / or like making money online this is the perfect online business for you. High profit margin and low effort.

This is a complete, ready to go business making and selling paintball grenades online. For those that don't know paintball grenades are kind of like a heavy duty water balloon made from surgical tubing. They cost less than a $1 to make and SELL FOR FIVE OR SIX TIMES THAT. When thrown they spin and spray paint EVERYWHERE, they add a lot of fun, excitement, and strategy to the game.

This includes practically everything you need to start making and selling paintball grenades today:

The perfect domain name: Paintball-Grenades.com
Professionally designed, Paypal integrated website: http://Paintball-Grenades.com
Custom machined stainless steal paint grenade machine (try and find one for sale you can't)
Tubing, tools, and parts for making paintball grenades.
Detailed step by step instructions for making paintball grenades.
Wholesale supplier list for cheap tubing and parts.
Comes in heavy duty genuine US Military mortar case.

$2500 or best offer. Serious offers only, this won't be available long.