I am learning how to transfer joomla 1.5 from local host to server.

I had made a sample site, and made an account on server. Now I am trying to transfer site using akeeba backup. I had already transfered all the files .One i run akeeba kickstart its runs fine but while decompressing files I am getting errors like 'Invalid AJAX data received:'

I had tried to take help from akebba site and try to do the thing they said but did not succeed.

By the way, I am not able tofind 'FTP DIRECTORY:' filed and when ever i write something my connection was not established so I am keeping this field blank. I had also make a directory name 'kicttemp' and give them 777 permision and used it in temp directory (I am still getting message that directory is writeable while I check it but akeeba say it had to say directory is readable)

Is there anybody there whom I can give my password (in message boaard) who can figure out the issue and give me suggestion what I am doing wrong? For an expert I think it does not take more then a minute or 2 to figure out what I am doing wrong?