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Hello. I'm starting an “
Article Writing Service” in this thread. I've been creating for articles for those people who open up online business and making unbelievable profit from it .So I figured that I should expand a bit and offer my services to the wider community here! I can provide you with a fully keyword optimized article. All my service will satisfy your expectations.
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My style of thinking deep from every perspective is my key strength which I would like to present in words, if I get any opportunity to do so.

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Which type of services you will get from us? :
1) Seo writing

2) General article writing

3) Press Release writing

My Service Provides -
Key Optimized & Unique Content
CopyScape Passed Content
Correct Grammar and English usage
Rates Are -
$2.75 for 500 Words
$2.25 for 400 Words
$1.65 for 300 Words
$1.40 for 250 Words
- I am available on email(gtalk) so you can contact me anytime of the day.
- Since I have many writers, I am able to meet even a tight deadline, and they can write on any niche
Please place your orders via PM.

Contact with me via PM i will give u gtalk id for further discussion.