Hello to all

I'm listing for sale an old site www.kengefalas.com

Page Rank 4
Registration Date: Jan 3, 2008

This site is giving me revenue every month and it need 0 min per month. You just upload it on your shared hosting and forget it :)

I'm selling it because its been a while since I didn't sell any web site here :) and time by time i love to do some site flipping

I've also included amung so if you want you can check users online on this site http://whos.amung.us/stats/czb0g63v6kk3/

If you are interested i will shou you via team viewer adsense earnings

BUY IT NOW is $1800 (10 months of revenue 12x150=$1800)

Usually for old sites seller require 24 month of revenue, but I'm asking only 12 months

For everything pm me or write here