I've worked for the past three years at a decent sized very reputable hosting provider here in the UK, I frequently see people having issues sending out to large lists and people blindly trying to do it via their standard shared hosting accounts so I though I'd post up a little information on the best way to go about doing it.

If you want me to explain anything further, please pipe up in this discussion or just PM me; I'm more than happy to answer any questions.

Step 1: Gather details of your list and have them to hand, you'll need to make a few enquiries with your web-hosting provider or potential providers; how large is your list, is it and opt-in list, how're you sending it out (via mail software, Outlook, etc...?).

Step 2: Ascertain exactly how you're sending mail to your list; ideally you'd use proper email marketing software such Dada Mail (http://dadamailproject.com/) or PHPList (http://www.phplist.com/).

Step 3: Select your mail sending provider. Things are pretty simple if you choose to send out via a dedicated SMTP service provider (please recommend below), though it can get pricey. For lists that're