Site Features:

Premium Domain Name
Brand New WordPress Theme (Customizable)
Form Builder Software (Receive Unlimited Orders)
Mobile Interface Support When Access Via Phone
Suppliers' List
Facebook/Twitter/Google+/Youtube Reseller Biz
Content is not unique
Theme design is unique
All contents are not copyrighted.
Total Valued $500+

*The theme I use here is standard design and able to customize in any style you prefer, you can change the logo, background color, graphic and layout pattern in any way you want in menu option.

For Bidder You Will Receive:
  • Premium domain name
  • Complete files, graphics, and content on the website
  • Username & Password For Instant Access To Namecheap, Hosting and Wordpress without Any Setup.
  • List of reliable suppliers’ info and pricing
  • 30 Days Of Free Hosting

Valuable Bonuses For BIN Buyer:
  • Everything mentioned above
  • Marketing Techniques To Get Sales Within 72 Hours (No SEO work required!) Valued $169
  • 12 Full Months Of Free Hosting
  • 30 Days Free Support and Coaching

How it works?

You are going be a fans/followers/views/votes reseller. Your clients will order fans/followers/views/votes from you and you simply forward their order to the supplier (you don't have to go and look for supplier because I will provide a list of suppliers to you) who will do all the works and deliver their order. This is Super Easy to manage and you need to take a few minutes to complete each order. The coolest thing is you don't have to do much beside answering emails and update your clients order status.

Why is this business model so profitable?

Social Network and Media has become extremely hot niche right now and this is the best opportunity to claim your portion of the profits. Many businesses nowadays is rushing to set up their Facebook/Twitter/Google+/Youtube campaigns because of all the attention social media marketing has been getting lately. Fan reseller websites are a GOLDEN opportunity for you.

This is a PROVEN business model, excellent for newbies who are just getting started with making money online! You do not need to know anything in order to run this business. Everything has been done for you. You only need to promote this website and make a pile of money online. Forget about other online businesses they hardly yield any results, and they do require a LOT of knowledge and experience (trial and error) before you actually start earning money.

You will fell in love with this business model because after a while you start getting repeat clients after a few weeks, so it's less work for more profits! This is because a lot of people who need fans/followers/views/votes from you are social media marketing managers with multiple clients. This brand new design Turn-Key Social Media reseller website (Facebook Likes, Twitter Followers, and Google+) will make you $4000 in monthly passive income.

How Much Will You Make?

Popular Packages Price Examples:
1,000 Facebook Fans
Supplier Charge: $40
You Charge: $89
Your Profit: $49!

1,000 Twitter Followers
Supplier Charge: $30
Your Charge: $69
Your Profit: $39!

250 Google+ Votes
Supplier Charge: $40
You Charge: $89
Your Profit: $49!

Youtube 10,000 Views
Supplier Charge: $15
You Charge: $35
Your Profit: $20!

You can charge your client how much you want but these prices have been tested and have found quite effective. Once your clients order through you and trust you, they'll start ordering the bigger packages.. and that's when your profits start rolling in on autopilot!

The one you're bidding on now sells FB fans, followers, Google+, and youtube views (which are really hot right now if you haven't noticed)… so that will double-triple your profits instantly!

I will show you how to get clients in 72 hours with effective methods and how you WILL earn up to a $4000/month business within 2 months.
This website is made on previously built fan reseller websites that have had success that start from scratch. You will love this business model because you can get clients IMMEDIATELY and taking orders right away.

Many website sold mainly fans, but it is already best to provide Twitter Followers, YouTube views, and Google Votes. This website allows you to provide your customers with all 4 types of services simultaneously, as well as give discounts for package deals (and I guarantee clients will ask for them).
This way, they wont have to get their fans from one site, followers from another, Google Votes and Youtube views from yet another, so they'll be more likely to use your service.

You will need a Paypal account to run this business. I will supply everything that you will need. You will be working with suppliers who offer quality fans and great service.

(By the way any provider that charges less than $40 for 1k fans are probably giving fake fans. You might make more profit upfront, but you end up losing repeat customers due to crappy quality.)

Note: The testimonials are for design purposes only. You must remove them once the site is transferred.

What You Need To Run This Business:

A Paypal Account


If you have any questions regarding running the site or increasing the profits, I'll be there to help. You will receive full support anything you have with the site issues. Plus if you want I can show you how to quickly and easily run the site as well as ideas on how to market for greater revenue. You will NOT find post-website-sale support like this anywhere else.

If you put in the time and treat this business somewhat seriously, you can expect about $4,000/month.