I have learnt ALOT from DP over the years and have decided to give back to the community!

I have been setting up amazon e-stores for about two years now and thought its about time I help those starting out. If you follow these steps you should earn a profit. Instead of relying on SEO to start I use paid traffic, this lets me start earning money almost instantly!

The traffic I use is paid traffic, Visitors will see your website pop under the website there on, this means you have to catch the visitors eye so that instead of them clicking that X on the top right they instead stay on your page and click your links! To do this your web site must look professional, no .info domain - no poor quality graphics - High quality only!
Now I wont say what category/niche I picked for obvious reasons but when picking a niche always try to go for something that inspires urgency and need, and don't forget to check amazons "shakers & movers" to see what categories are hot.

The next step is buy a domain and set up a nice looking amazon e-store using wordpress with all the correct plugins and add all the products with your affiliate link. If you can do on-page SEO this will help in the long term, remember and make this website eye catching and professional looking. If you can cloak your links as well that's even better but not important.

Now that we have our e-store set up its time to send some traffic, I purchase 10,000 visits from USA only and I make sure the category is the same as the items I am selling in my e-store.

Week 1 - cost = $11.57 -| Amazon = $2.63 | Adsense = $2.36 -| Loss = $4.58

Ok so week 1 I took a loss, no big deal its paid traffic after all and I have got some valuable data from this little test, checking AWstats I can see which pages/products are most popular, we rearrange our e-store to show the most popular products over the week on the front. I then reorder the 10,000 web visit package.

Week 2 - cost = $11.57 -| Amazon = $4.23 | Adsense = $2.87 -| Loss = $4.47

I have still made a loss this week but look at the difference between sales, again I check my awstats to see what is most popular and make sure it is on the front page, I also add any new products that have been added to amazon that fall under my e-store's catgory. I reorder the 10,000 web visits.

Week 3 - cost = $11.57 -| Amazon = $8.26 | Adsense = $3.32 -| Profit = $0.01

Finally profit! Sure its only $0.01 but with paid traffic all we need to do is scale it up and in theory the profits should raise! We check our stats again, making sure all popular products are on the front page and add any new products to our page. Reorder 10,000 web visits.

Week 4 - cost = $11.57 -| Amazon = $11.92 | Adsense = $3.02 - Profit = $3.37

It has been one month and we have done what a lot of people fail to do, we have created a successful website using paid traffic.

Whats next?
The next step would be to buy a decent chunk of traffic (100k) and let it run for 30 days, during this time I would track whats popular and add any new products. Profit would be put towards SEO for long term success.

Get more sales
Here's a great little tip for amazon e-store owners, add a shopping card! If a visitor adds any product to your sites shopping cart there amazon affiliate cookie is installed for 90 DAYS! meaning if they buy anything within 90 days from amazon.com you earn commission!

Got any questions feel free to pm me.