Dear forum readers:

Truly do need secure ftp (SFTP), whichever ftp server I settle on. But first and foremost, am working in a vacuum of knowledge of whether Apache 2.2 webserver on Windows 7 (with PHP and MySQL up and running) will easily support SFTP on different providers. Can someone show me documentation of this?

For instance, if my basic programs for uploading and downloading already worked with ftp off the Yahoo server, how should such programs be modified to work on a new FTP server on my new Apache webserver? Perhaps very little. Either way, still have to try to get an SFTP protocol up and running. Have a natural distrust of XAMP and WS_FTP, with automated file transfer, because of warnings of vulnerability to pirating of intellectual property, as the book, PHP and MySQL for Dummies, says....

Would appreciate any and all info/suggestions,