a few weeks ago, i invested alot of money that i dont have into buying a script from filemanager.net. The software cost me $199, and is non transferrable. Unlike any other license in the world, there is essentially nothing to prove that i own it, theres no license numbers or anything, and hence its impossible to try to sell to recover the costs.

Sadly the software is essentially useless to me as there is no integration with any payment processor. I purchased the script only as i had used a demo of the software(what turned out to be a site with almost the same name, same look but was a different site but used the exact same script) but the demo i used was fully integrated into a payment system so that clients could signup and do things such as:
  • handle all payments
  • upgrade their plan
  • autosuspension if payment hasnt been made
  • unsuspesnion when payment is made
  • close their account
my only thoughts is that it might be easy to have this integrated into wh.mcs? (of course i would need to pay someone to do this for me)

has anyone got ideas on the best way i can handle this problem? Any coders got ideas on costs to have this done?

Ive already spent alot on this project, and im not even sure if there is demand for the service that i was planning to provide -> the idea is to provide a secure "virtual" usb drive where people can store their files. Im just frustrated as ive spent alot so far, and im not sure if its worth throwing more money at this or just cutting my losses and deleting the software for good.