Marijuana became illegal due to false propaganda, and is currently (In the US), considered a Schedule 1 drug. This is right beside of Heroin. So, let's ask, do you think it is time to legalize it?


Reasons why I think so:

1. An Apparent Economy Boost

2. Medicinal Values

3. A Safer Alternative to Alcohol, and Cigarettes (Which are LEGAL)

-Alcohol and cigarettes cost over 300,000 lives annually, while cannabis contributes to 0. There has never been a recorded death that was contributed by Marijuana.

4. Take out a black market, and take out criminals. Put it in the hands of supervised stores, and make sure the license to sell is hard to get and easy to lose.

5. Right to Choose! Marijuana does not make you crazy, or wild. Everyone should have the RIGHT and LIBERTY to choose what they may consume or ingest, especially when it shows no health concern.


So what do you think? Oh and it would be awesome if you could follow @legalzecannabis on Twitter if you would like to support the cause. I would really appreciate it!

Thanks guys and gals.. Keep it nice!