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Here is what you will get with the site:

Top Quality Content
Related articles, videos, images, featured ebook, custom banner, custom favicon, custom graphics, Adsense integration, CPA.

Branded, PREMIUM TLD Domain Name
'.com' domains are the most sought-after and valuable domain names available and good ones are now hard to come by.

Not only is FilmCoyote a .com TLD but also very easy to remember, short and brandable. It has no hyphens, numbers or other undesirable characters in it either which makes it more valuable, easier to remember and nicer to look at!

The domain is registered at Godaddy for easy transfer.

Fully SEO’d!
FilmCoyote.com is already fully SEO ready.

The code behind the site is fully compliant with world wide web HTML standards. It is optimized with SEO scripts, keywords, H1-H3 tags, titles, descriptions and many other SEO friendly features (see below).

Complete Monetiziation
Integrated beautifully into the website content and sidebars are four forms of monetization:

- Affiliate sales (with a dedicated ‘feature’ page for the product, you can see that here)
- Google Adsense (Dedicated Adsense plugin also included which manages your ads easily)
- Banner Advertising/CPA Offers
- Amazon Affiliate Products

Autopilot Income
The site makes you money 24 hours a day and is set up for multiple revenue streams. You have no ebooks to sell (except the Clickbank affiliate product which I set up a dedicated page for). Because you are an affiliate not a vendor, you don’t have to worry about answering peoples questions and customer service. Simply do nothing and earn affiliate income!

The same can be said for Google Adsense, Amazon and CPA/banner ads. These forms of money making require no effort or time on your part. They are already integrated into your site and ready to earn you money from day one.

Professional Design
The site design is a highly customized version of a Premium theme (worth $70 alone) and includes unique survival graphics, logo and images. Clear and crisp and easy to navigate with monetized modules nicely blended in with the site content.

Integrated Contact Form
A dedicated contact form so that visitors can easily contact you directly without the hassle of them copying your email address. This also ensures that your email address remains unseen and away from spammers!

Dynamic Featured Content Navigation
The site has a main ‘featured’ content navigation menu at the top of the page. This helps you show the best content and also rotate it so that it dynamically changes. The content is all shown with thumbnail images too so it looks better than just lots of writing.

Automatically Updating .XML Site Map
The sitemap is for Google and other search engines to crawl and it helps notify them of changes and additions you make to the site for SEO purposes. It is dynamic so it is updated automatically whenever you change the site.

Custom Design Logo Branding
FilmCoyote.com branded header. Simple, clear and effective. Matching the color scheme and feel of the whole site.

Custom Favicon Icon
A favicon icon which is visible on web browser tabs and bookmarks/favorites has been included.

Top Selling Clickbank Products
Included with banner ads and a whole feature sales page is a movie ebook. This is a top selling ebook selling on Clickbank.

Remember that you don’t have to write any ebook yourself as this is an affiliate page. Another bonus about being an affiliate rather than having your own ebook is the hassle of having to constantly answer customers emails about pre-sales questions or technical assistance after the sale. You simply send traffic through your link and get paid*for every sale. Hassle free earnings. This also has its own menu space in the top and side navigation.

Top Clickbank affiliates earn tens of thousands of dollars per day. Yes per DAY! Time to get you piece of the pie and with this tips ebook you are selling something that you know converts and customers are happy with.

Amazon Integration into Content
You Amazon Associate affiliate links are cleverly disguised into the website content. Commission is earned through the sale of related Amazon books.

Google Adsense Integration
Get paid every time someone simply clicks on your Adsense ad. These show on every page and are inconspicuous situated on the sidebar and the header banner. The code automatically adds relevant advertising that relates to the site content to help maximize the clicks that you get.

Four 125x125 Rotating Banner Ad Spots
These are currently set-up with CPA offers where you are paid every time someone clicks on the banner and enters their name and email address. Just for that you can get up to $5 each! They visitor doesn’t even need to buy anything! Image how easy this form of money making is!

You can also sell this advertising banner space to third party advertisers. I have already set up an “Advertise” page where customers can contact you about this. Or advertise your own other sites in this space!

[Please note that you will need your own CPA account such as FluxAds or Maxbounty to run similar CPA offers like the above]

Search Engine Friendly Website
The site has SEO covered! Deeply rooted in the website code are many typical SEO features. These include but are not limited to:
-**Title, description and meta tags
-**Conical URL’s
-**Heading tags
-**Robots.txt root file
-**RSS feed
-**Keyword rich content
-**XML sitemap
-**Keyword domain
-**Internal site links/permalink structure
-**Image alt tags
-**Further SEO plugins and on-page SEO
-**Much more!

Cloaked Affiliate Links
The affiliate links for Amazon and Clickbank are cloaked using a special script which is installed to your site and very easy to use. This means that your conversions are higher as people are not put off when they see the link they are visiting is an affiliate link.

Not only that but link cloaking script also counts the number of clicks you have, where the traffic came from and more so you can see detailed info about your visitors and which products people are clicking on and which aren't!

Simple-to-Control Dashboard
This site uses the admin dashboard of the most popular site building software in the world - Wordpress. It is as easy as using Microsoft Word and there is full customization available through the dashboard and many more features than those I have listed above.

This site is designed to give you maximum profits with minimum maintenance which is why everything runs on autopilot. In fact you can be earning money from it in years to come without ever having the need to actually log into your admin dashboard!

ONLY $57!

1. Free site transfer
2. Free support
3. Free promotional guides for you to generate business and start making good profit quickly!

This site is designed to make you income even with minimal traffic, ready to build on month on month…

Please ask me any questions below or by PM or secure this superb money-making niche site.

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