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There is unprecedented demand for these services as you can imagine. It is widely known that getting backlinks is the single most important aspect of getting your site up Google’s search engine ranking. The problem is building links is a very monotonous and boring task which takes a long time. This is why so many people prefer to pay for someone to do it. This is where you come in!

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BacklinkViper.com offers a number of service packages for different types of backlinks (you can see them here). People buy these to make their website more visable in search engines to get more traffic and sales and increase page rank.

When you get orders, you will automatically receive instant payments to your Paypal account. (You will start getting those nice emails from Paypal saying “Notification of Payment Received!”).

Once you are paid you simply pass the order onto our supplier (provided to the buyer only, please do not ask otherwise!). That's it - Job done!

The suppliers will deliver your customers service that they ordered and then sends the customer a report when it’s complete. You have then earned a nice profit for doing very little.

No maintenance is ever required as the process is 100% automated.

Below are some example profits you will get from selling the various packages on the site – the prices are kept purposely low so that everyone can afford them and sales are increased:

6000 Profile Backlinks
Sale price: $9.50 – Cost: $4.49
Profit = $5.01

2800 PR 4+ Backlinks
Sale price: $59.50 – Cost: $35.95
Profit = $23.58

900 .EDU Backlinks
Sale price: $69.50 – Cost: $40.41
Profit = $29.09

54000 Blog Comments
Sale price: $64.50 – Cost: $40.41
Profit = $24.09

Please note that there are more packages available, these are just to demonstrate the profit levels. You can change the prices and even add more or different packages if you wish…

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- High value, relevant, brandable, fun and very easy-to-remember TLD domain name (registered at Godaddy for transfer).
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- XML sitemap
- Simple-to-Control Dashboard (This site uses the admin dashboard of the most popular site building software in the world. It is as easy as using Microsoft Word, though if you have any trouble I pride myself with my after sales service and will be happy to help!)

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